Christmas Father
When we think about Christmas the image come to our mind is a fat jolly white-bearded man dressed in a red suit trimmed with white, and driving a sleigh full of toys drawn through the air by eight reindeer. He is our favorite Christmas father or Father Christmas.!

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He also known as St Nicholas / St Nick or Santa Claus and first appeared in a drawing by Thomas Nast in Harper's Magazine in 1868.

The legend is, he visits every home on Christmas Eve, descending down the chimney to leave presents under the tree and in the stockings of all good children. It is believed that St. Nicholas was a 4th-century bishop of Asia Minor, defending young children, and especially for giving generous gifts to the poor.

Many of the stories about Nicholas are of doubtful authenticity such as his delivering a bag of gold by dropping it down a chimney. However his legend spread widely throughout Europe, emphasizing his role as a traditional bringer of gifts and a saint whose life story symbolized love, caring, and generosity.


The Christian St. Nicholas replaced by various gift-giving figures such as the Roman Befana and the Germanic Berchta and Knecht Ruprecht. He was also called Sankt Nikolaus in Germany and Sanct Herr Nicholaas or Sinterklaas in Holland. In these countries Nicholas was sometimes said to ride through the sky on a horse delivering gifts.

In 1969, because the saint's life was so thinly documented, Pope Paul VI ordered the feast of St Nicholas to be dropped from the official Roman Catholic calendar.

Now in Christmas season, Santa Claus’s picture or cut out became an inevitable display item of any shop/ department stores and is widely used all over the world for advertising, greeting cards, seasonal decorations.

Children write letters to Father Christmas, Santa Claus, detailing their requests. There is also a town called Santa Claus. All the letters which are posted in America addressed to Santa go there to be dealt with. An average of three million mails in a year is posted to Santa in America. A twenty-three foot colored statue stands in Santa's honor. Children may be thanking Santa Claus for new toys. More children believe in Father Christmas than in Jesus!!.

Some argue that the Santa Claus story conflicts with the true meaning of Christmas and merely promotes greed and commercialism.

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