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Homeopathic Medicines
Atropa Belladonna or the deadly nightshade is the source for Belladonna. This is used to control sudden and violent complaints in normally healthy and robust adults and children. A person in this state is violent and is in turmoil.

Bryonia diocia and Bryonia alba are sources for Bryonia, and are very poisonous. It is a useful remedy that comes in handy for complaints of the lung, digestive system and arthritis. A person in this state feels insecure and fearful of the future.

Calendula officinalis
Marigold s the source for Calendula officinalis, a very useful first aid remedy. The calendula cream or lotion is used for cuts, grazes, scalds and minor wounds.

Calcarea carbonica.
Ostrea Edulis or the European edible oyster, is the source for Calcarea carbonica. It helps rebalance levels of calcium in the body and in correcting the malfunction in calcium metabolism.

The Blister beetle or Spanish fly is the source for Cantharis. This is useful for problems in the urinary system, particularly cystitis. A typical person who would need this remedy will show signs of being weird, maniacal or in a sexual frenzy.

Wild chamomilla is the source for chamomilla, a remedy used for nervous and psychological problems.It is most useful for restless, irritable and extremely sensitive children.

Cimicifuga racemosa or the black snake root is the source for Cimicifuga. This is a useful remedy for afflictions of the nervous system, penis and reproductive organs. A patient in this state is in bad pain, feels chilly and is hypersensitive. The quinaquina tree, is the source for Cinchoma officinalis, also called china. This tree is also the source of the allopathic drug, quinine. This remedy is given for fevers, headaches, and abdominal problems. A person in this state is oversensitive and nervous.

The fruit of the Indian Cockle, found in India and Sri Lanka, is the source for Cocculus. Primarly used as a remedy for travel sickness, it is also used to cure the after effects of lack of sleep. A person in this state is dull, gloomy and angry.

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