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FESTIVALS - Onam - Gifts, Greetings, messages

Children are particularly excited on Onam as they receive lots of gift from their parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, family friends and close relatives especially new dresses called Onakkodi .`

Cotton Shirt & Veshti
Cotton Shirt & Veshti
Kerala Sari
Kerala Sari
Sending Onam Gifts like dry chips, sweet chips and snacks through courier has become very popular. Online Onam shopping sites exists and many of them have the provision to send Onam Gifts with their own delivery channel. This makes it convenient for the people to send Onam Gifts at desired places around the globe.
Plantain Chips-Banana Chips
Plantain Chips
Sarkara Upperi (Plantain chips with jaggery coating)
Sarkara Upperi (Plantain chips with jaggery coating)

Onam greetings and messages.

Similar to sending Christmas and New Year greetings, sending of heart felt Onam Messages preferably in Malayalam and onam greeting cards to the near and dear have become very popular.

Thiruonam Aashamsakal to all.

To everyone, my Onam Wishes !

May the spirit of Onam appear everywhere at all times!!

Onaashmsakal to you.

Aayiram Aayiram onasamsakal.

Old Onasmaranakal maathram mathi…..namukku
When ever I remember Kerala, I remember onam & you.

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