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FESTIVALS - Serving Onasadya / Onam Feast
Onasadya, a strictly vegetarian feast, is the most elaborate and grand meal of Indians, and the serving of feast is very important. It starts from placing the leaf. Onasadya is served on tender banana (plantain) leaves end and traditionally people eat sitting on a mat laid on the floor. ( nowadays on the table ) No plates are used and people eat with their hands and no fork or spoon is allowed. In fact, it is almost impossible to use a spoon or forks to eat onasadya. The narrow part of the leaf should always be on the left side. (Plastic leaf is now available.) There is no hard and fast rule in number of side dishes and it may vary from 8 to 24 and all items will be vegetarian dishes only.
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The order of Onasadya serving have little difference from place to place. Serving starts from the upper half left of the leaf in the following sequence.
• A pinch of salt
• A plantain
• Pappadam - In some places later with the parippu curry
• Sarkara varatti(Sarkara puratti)-jaggery coated banana chips
• upperi (banana chips)
• lime curry(big lemon)
• pickle(lime or mango)
• Inchicurry or inchipuli
• Thoran (cabbage with coconut)
• Olan (sliced cucumber and brinjal)
• Kalan
• Avial
• kootu curry
• Pachadi('vellarika')
• Kichadi(pineapple and banana splits or of grapes and apple)
• Erissery

(Keep ready the following:
Rice, parippu curry, Ghee, Sambar, Kalan, Rasam, Pulisseri or buttermilk, Adapradhaman or payasam)

After the plantain leaf is filled with all these side dishes and the Rice is served when the guests seat themselves. (The rice should be served at the bottom center of the banana leaf.)

Pappad or Pappadum, banana (can be 'Rasakadali', 'Poovan', 'Palayankodan'). - Salt, banana wafers, sarkarapuratti fries, ginger, lime and mango pickles, 'vellarika', 'pavakka', 'beetroot' and 'ulli kitchadi'. 'Kitchadi' made of pineapple and banana splits or of grapes and apple, 'cabbage thoran' or thoran made of beans and avial, bread and green peas mix 'thoran'', kootucurry, 'parippu curry, ghee, Sambhar, Rasam, butter milk, curd, adaprathaman Payasam, erissery,
Then parippu curry is served along with ghee.

After finishing the first course with parippu curry, ghee and papad, the rice is served ( if required) with Sambhar.

The rice is then served with Kalan / pulisseri.

The rice is then served (if required)with Rasam.

The next course is Ada Pradaman (payasam) – Plantain and papad can mix with Ada Pradaman / payasam.

The final course of rice (if required) is served along with moru (Butter milk or curd).

This course helps in digesting this heavy food.

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