Selecting a life partner is most important and at the same time it is the most difficult event in our life. Therefore all possible care should be taken and never allow a business minded person or agency to play with your life.

Happy marriage is the way to heaven, it makes a happy home and the happy home is a heaven on earth. Similarly unhappy home is a hell on earth.

“Marry in haste and repent in leisure” is a proverb so apt to our current marriage trends. We are too busy with little or no time to search for a suitable match. Indian Matrimonials
Parental influence on marriages is now on a decline. Younger generation is now earning money from business/jobs, and no longer depends on their parents for resources. They also have their own views and out looks about their partners and a few youngsters select their own spouses themselves.

“Arranged marriages happened in the past either through matrimonial columns in newspapers or through marriage brokers, priests and common friends. That was when the e-era had not set in and matrimonial portals were unheard of. It’s cyber age now and the Internet, is percolating down into everyone’s personal life, directly or indirectly.
The Net as a medium for matrimony has taken off in a big way. There are several advantages in choosing the Net. "Ease of input, no constraint of space as each profile gets a full page, ease in communication as e-mail is instant and free, option of sending photographs, ease in searching as per various criteria like age, caste, height, etc, all profiles of different regions, viz. South and North Indians at one place, which the print media does not have, are important issues in making the Net an ideal media for matrimony.

Another benefit of the Net serving as a matrimonial medium is the online chat option on ‘marital’ portals. Chat is instant and inexpensive. Above all, it’s reliable as the answers a person gets are spontaneous and on the spur of the moment. This reduces the chances of someone posing as what he or she isn’t.”

Log on and get married. It’s happening now. Matrimonial portals are now producing results and happily married couples.

Some of the major Indian Matrimonial Portals are:

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