Homoeo Remedies
Many of the Villagers are using Homoeopathic medicines for simple ailments or as a first aid by themselves because that is inexpensive and less or no reactions. Homoeopathy is a natural holistic form of medicine based on the Laws of Nature. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered this system of medicine in 1796. Dr. Hahnemann was a German Physician, Chemist, and a Medical Translator. In his efforts to find a more systematic and gentle form of healing than which existed at his time, he discovered that Nature had herself provided everything that was necessary to heal.
Leaves from the Cinchonona Officinalis, a source for Quinine (an allopathic medicine for malaria), inspired him to develop the theory of Homoeopathy. It was claimed that an indiscriminate use of Cinchona produces symptoms of Malaria. Hahnemann tested this on his own person and was attacked with symptoms of malaria. For six years, he conducted experiments with about 300 other medicines on his own person and volunteers. It was in 1810 that he finally was in a position to declare the now famous statement – ‘Like should be cured by Like’.
Laws of Homoeopathy.
Homoeopathy is based on a set of laws derived from the laws of nature. These laws govern homoeopathic treatment, prescription, dosage, and repetition of dose and further plan of treatment. The backbone of Homoeopathy is the "Law of Similars" i.e. the medicine that cures in each case is capable of producing symptoms similar to those that it cured. Homoeopathic medicines are given in small specially prepared doses, which stimulate the body's capacity (vital power) to heal itself. There are around three thousand homoeopathic medicines derived from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.
Some newer remedies are derived from man-made substances. Plants (calendula, peony, belladonna, capsicum etc) Animals (bitch's milk, snake venoms, the cuttlefish etc) Minerals (metals like gold, iron, salts like common salt, magnesium or calcium salts etc). Disease products (sterile tuberculus tissue, cancer tissue) Synthetic substances (some conventional drugs, plastic etc). Non material sources (like electricity, magnetic power etc)
Hahnemann found that in order to avoid the harmful effects of the medicines of his day, he could dilute natural substances into more therapeutically powered micro doses. The substances are scientifically processed in Licensed Laboratories and go through a process called Potentisation (a process of systematic dilution and succusion) by which the therapeutic power of the substance is enhanced while the material dose is reduced. The power of the processed medicines is termed as potencies.
The most commonly available potencies are Decimal (1:10) shown by the suffix 'X' Centisimal (1: 100) shown by suffix 'C' Millesimal (1:1000) shown by suffix 'M'. Centesimal scale – one drop of mother tincture and 99 drops alcohol gives the 1st potency. One drop of the 1st potency and 99 drops alcohol gives the 2nd potency. All the following potencies are prepared with one drop of the preceding t potency to 99 drops alcohol. They are called 1,2,3.30.200 etc. In the Decimal Scale, the tincture contains 1/10th of drug power, it correspond to 1st potency ; 1 droop of mother tincture and 9 droops distilled water gives the 1x potency. 1droop of 1x potency and 9 drops alcohol gives the 2x potency. The next higher potencies are prepared with one drop of the preceding potency to 9 drops alcohol. They are called 1x,2x,3x. etc.Their homeopathic form (beyond a certain number of dilutions), contains none of the initial substance(s). In fact these remedies that derive from initially toxic or poisonous substances are some of the most effective remedies we have for life-threatening or terminal conditions.Homeopathic remedies may come in the form of tablets, granules, globules, powders, liquid solutions (alcohol and distilled water), cream, ointment or suppositories.
Even if a wrong remedy is given the side effects are either nil or mild and short-lived. If one takes repeated doses of a remedy for an extremely long time, and providing he is sensitive to that remedy and potency, he may develop symptoms, which are only passing and disappear when ceasing to take the remedy. It is not advisable to treat yourself with homeopathic remedies for chronic complaints. These usually need a lot of skill, patience and methodical approach with possibly more than one remedy over a period of time. It is appropriate to self-treat acute minor ailments, like common colds, minor accidents. It is not necessary to take the remedy every day in order to get results. Depending on the condition, the patient and the potency of the remedy, one dose may be enough to evoke a response and the results may last for months. Despite their high safety it is advisable to treat homeopathic remedies with some respect and use common sense.
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