KURUPPAMPADY is a small, beautiful, serene village, filled with coconut trees, dense rich greenery, enchanting paddy fields, hillocks, river Periyar and blessed with virtuous population, located at the center of the Ernakulam District, Kerala - the God’s Own Country in India.
A hundred years ago Kuruppampay was the biggest market in India for lemon grass, ginger, pepper and other items of spices.

Similarly, many villages all over the world have lost their glorious past and pushed back from the main stream of the developments.

KURUPPAMPADY is the SYNONYM of any village in Kerala, India or any where in the world and hence we proudly name this site –; to symbolize villages/villagers all over the world.

In addition to that, Nobody can forgets the sweet memories of one’s native place especially if it is a beautiful, serene village or near to any village in Kerala, India, USA or elsewhere. Even after years, the glittering images of natural beauty and remembrances of child hood and early years of schooling life will emerge from the inner most part of our heart. We need a common space free from all burdens.

We feel the pulse wave.

We are providing a common platform on Internet to share our feelings, experience and interests along with others those having similar views. This will certainly help to develop, an involuntarily enthusiasm amongst viewers towards Internet and World Wide Web, the treasure house of abundant information and knowledge, ie. spreading the Information Technology to Villagers / Farmers through their favorite subject - HEALTH and that is our prime mission. We sincerely believe that this will also help to get back many valuable information or useful practices like home remedies, health tips, beauty tips etc, that are lying in the minds of rural masses, using it sparingly with in their family or within a localized area.

We request you to kindly visit all of the links and supplement any additional information which you feel it is useful to others, may please be sent to us through E-mail : and make a record of information under your credit.

We dedicate this site not only for the inhabitants of Kuruppampady but also to all, those who love the glory of unblemished village life and respect the rich heritage of our grate country.

We once again request you all to actively participate and add authentic information, which you feel useful for others and make this web site to a wonderful web portal.

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