Home Remedies
There are many things within our reach having wonderful healing powers. Some items accelerate or complement healing process. We have collected this information from various sources and also submitted by many people from around the world, and we have no facility to test or verify these remedies. Also once a disease has fully manifested and reached the final stage of development, specific treatments are required. Home remedies may also support treatments prescribed by a physician. As such, these home remedies should be used for academic purposes or for the use of first aid only. Never use any home remedy or other self-treatment without being advised to do so by a physician.
There are many natural remedies like Garlic, Turmeric, Honey, Tulasi etc., which are very valuable to prevent or cure many ailments. Anything that is easily available in and around home, and has a medicinal use, either herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, grains and oils a may be used as a home remedy.

These are easily available in raw form in local markets and in processed form in shops or even available through ON-LINE.
The advantage of herbal medication compare to allopathic medicine is that there is no side effects or adverse implications to our body. It is completely safe and harmless if it is properly use. Desired results take relatively longer time than allopathic system but can get a better and permanent cure.

The following are some very useful tips about medicinal use of common herbs, plants and trees. Names of medicinal herbs or plants are mentioned in Sanskrit language (and in other languages) with their English version and the Botanical name in bracket. Herbs or plants should be taken under supervision of an Ayurvedic physician.

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