Pets are very good companion for all the age groups provided they have a little time to spare. As per Encarta Encyclopedia, any animal can be a pet: mammals such as hamsters and mice; birds such as canaries and budgerigars; tropical fish; amphibians such as frogs and newts; and reptiles, including harmless snakes and turtles. Even insects, such as stick insects and crickets, are sometimes kept as pets.

Besides their value as loved and loving companions, pets are used for protecting homes and property (Dogs), destroying vermin (Cats), and providing means of transport (Horses). Most importantly they may also serve as emotional outlets for the elderly or the childless peoples. Further, pets may be kept for their beauty or rarity, in the case of birds.
Pets are generally purchased from breeders, pet shops, or animal shelters rather than being individually captured. The advantage of buying directly from an animal breeder is that the prospective owner can obtain information about a pet's genetic history. Pet shops, however, offer a variety of animals to choose from, and because they do not depend on the sale of one particular species or breed

Before buying a pet, you should mentally prepare yourself to be willing to devote your time, energy and money for the little one and making a commitment towards providing a long-term care for them they are totally dependent on you.

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