Buy a puppy
Important Factors to be considered:
Select small, medium or large breed puppies according to your choice. Behaviour, attitude, character of your pet depends mainly on their breed.
Should be a pure breed puppy, do check out at least one of the parents.
6-8 weeks
Should look alert, curious and active instead of shy or nervous.
Should have clear eyes, clean ears, and white teeth with pink gums but no running nose or skin irritation problems.
Examine / Vaccination
Get your puppy vaccinated before taking it home since small dogs are very susceptible to diseases. A veterinary doctor should examine them for congenital and contagious diseases and for parasites.
Do register with local authorities like Panchayat/ Municipality and obtain badge/ belts etc
When a pet is introduced at home, it should be allowed time and space to adjust to its surroundings. A regular schedule of feeding and watering, cleaning, grooming, and exercising should be established, with specific areas provided for these routines. Your puppy might not sit, eat or listen to you; it demands a lot of time for their training and caring.


Basic facilities
Crate or a bed
Toys, designed especially for dogs
Well - insulated / ventilated doghouse
High quality nutritionally complete and balanced food
Brush or Hand mitt for grooming
Collar and leash

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