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Karkidaka Marunnu Kanji (Medicinal Porridge)
The Malayalam month Karkidakam (the Ramayana Month - July-August) is the rainy season in Kerala and no agricultural work can be performed due to heavy rain and rain water. So the Karkida period was chosen for rejuvenating and revitalizing the body of each family member. During the month of Karkidaka, the medicinal porridge called Karkidaka Kanji, a traditional herbal concoction, is used more than 1000 years ago for the purification of the body and the soul. The invaluable herbs magical healing powers together with the seasonal effect bring wonderful rejuvenating effect.
The ingredients / common herbs of Karkidaka Kanji are:-
Bala, Attibala, Uzhinnigi, Thiruthalli, boiled in Navarra ari (Rice) or arikal 6, jeerakkam 3 Chathurjatham, jattikka, gathipathari, danakam, kalasam, asalli, satkuppa, manjal kakkankaya, boiled in coconut milk or in cow milk with little salt or coconut jagarry can be used during early morning or in the mid evening.

Kits of powdered herbs are now readily available.

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