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“According to ayurveda, a holistic approach to heart health requires you to nourish the emotional heart as well as the physical heart. The heart is not just a pump - it is the fountainhead of all emotions, whether it is joy and exhilaration or sadness and frustration. Mental and emotional stress disrupts the heart.

A number of ayurvedic herbs, including Arjuna, Brahmi and Ashwagandha, (Refer HOME REMEDIES) are renowned for their positive influence on the mind and emotional heart.

It is an old saying that, Heart disease before the age of 80 is not God's will but is due to our own faults. Heart has major role in our body system. Heart is concerned not only through its physical value, but mental and spiritual also, thus the care of heart most important.

The heart requires the utmost of care so that you are healthy both inside and out. An unhealthy heart leads to many other health conditions and illnesses. Take care of your heart and take care of your health and wellness to lead your most healthy and balanced life. Ayurveda is the “science of life” and is a traditional healing system that originated in India. Ayurvedic medicine and healing encompasses a wide range of techniques that include diet, herbal remedies, exercise, spiritual practices, lifestyle and other healing approaches to bring a person into balance. Ayurvedic medicine and natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can keep your heart healthy and pumping at its best.

According is charak, heart has been mentioned as the seat of Consciousness. The human body consists of six component (four limb, trunk & head & neck), the Indriyas (Five Sensory organ along with their object), the wisdom, the mind and the soul – all of these dependent upon normal functioning of the heart.

The primary approach to health care in Ayurveda was the prevention one & then came the role of drugs. A combination of some herbal medicine is very useful in heart disease.

Arjun (terminalia arjuna)
Garlic (Allium Sativum)
Ashwagandha, (Withania somnifera)
Bramhi (Hydrotyle Asiatica/Centella Asiatica )
Guduchi (tinospora cardifolia
Tulasi (ocimum sanctum)
Yestimadhu (glycyrrhiza glabra)
Kutki (picrorhiza kurroa)

These medicines/ combinations are now available any where in the world or can have online.

For more remedies refer Links HOME REMEDIES and HEALTH TIPS.

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