Homoeo Remedies
How Homoeopathy works
Homoeopathy works by giving strength to the body's own defense mechanism to bring itself back to a state of health. Homoeopathy is a natural therapy that improves the body's vital power to regain health e.g.- a child gets recurrent attacks of acute tonsillitis every month there are two ways to tackle this.
To given conventional medicine to kill the germs and therefore give health.
To use homeopathic treatment that will strengthen the bodies own defense mechanism to fight of the disease. The use of homoeopathic medicines, which have strengthened the person's defense system has long-term benefits and can prevent recurrence.
Case taking in Homoeopathy.
Intensive and thorough cases taking of the patient, with chronic and recurrent complaints, are very important not only for homoeopathic treatment but also for treatment of any system of medicines. There are very good reasons for this. A thorough case taking of the patient includes:

Psychological make up of the person·
Physical complaints in detail as to location, description of disease, factors that can increase or decrease the suffering (including time, season applications, postural positions)·
Discharges -urine, stool, perspiration etc.
Sleep pattern, dreams.
Appetite, foods that they like dislike or disagree with them.
Reactions of their body to environmental changes.
In Homoeopathy all patients are treated individually. Thus the symptoms elicited from the patient are of paramount importance. A patient must be truthful to the doctor and reply to all questions correctly and without exaggeration. The information gained from the patient is very important in the selection of the right remedy. Whatever the homoeopath asks about past history, family history, treatment history, mental symptoms, desires and aversions are relevant to the treatment and must be answered correctly. The first sitting with a homoeopath is usually long, while subsequent visits are much shorter. If the Homoeopathic medicines are stored under the proper conditions, i.e. a cool, dry place with temperature below 25 degree C, away from fumes and strong odors, the medicines will remain effective for years. This applies to the liquid medicines only. Once dispensed in globules they do not remain effective for more than six months as the medicine may evaporate or the globules may turn yellow. Before prescribing a remedy, a homeopath would test it or perform a proving. A proving is a monitored study of people taking a remedy. The physical, mental, and emotions symptoms the patients develop are recorded in Case Study sheet. Homeopathy utilizes safe preparations of natural substances, more than 60 percent of which are derived from plants like wild hops (Bryonia), marigold (Calendula), and poison ivy (Rhus toxicodendron). Other remedies come from animals or animal products like honeybee (Apis mellifica) and inky fluid from cuttlefish (Sepia). Still other remedies come from minerals and mineral ores like sodium chloride, flint, and sulphur
Principles of cure

Two third of all homoeopathic cures are accomplished by the following two method:
By finding a peculiar symptom and giving a dose of medicine exactly adapted to symptom.
By removing the block and then if necessary giving the indicated remedy in cases where clearly the antecedent can be found. The other chronic cases of 1/3rd of total are cured by trial for finding the exactly selected right remedy.
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