Homoeo Remedies
Important Remedies
Remedies are given in the form of liquid potency, granules, and globules or as tablets.

Normally, the doses of liquid medicine is 1 droop in 1 ounce pure water for an adult; 1/2 droop for children, 1/4th droop for babies. If the medicine is in the form of granules, three to four grains are used/ prescribed for adults, 2 for children, and 1 grain for babies. Globules are prescribed at 3-4 for adults, 2-3 for children and 1 for babies.

Many factors decide the selection of potencies. Our experience is the best guide in deciding the potency to be used / prescribed. Ordinarily, low potencies such as 3x,3, 6, 6x, or 30 are used in acute diseases. In chronic cases, high potencies such as 200,500, 1000(M), 10 M, CM are used at long intervals.


Given below are some of the important remedies:

Aconitum Napellus
The whole plant is a source of Aconite and is poisonous. It is generally given to persons who are prone to sudden violent illness and fever. Fear, panic and extreme impatience mark the person who needs aconite.
Allium cepa
Onion is an important remedy for curing colds and infections. The remedy allium cepa, made from onion, is mainly used for acute cold.
Apis mellifica
The Honey Bee is the source of apis mellifica. A person needing this remedy is fidgety, restless, and unpredictable and shows inappropriate emotional responses. The entire insect, including its venom is used to make apis mellifica.
Arnica Montana
A herb that grows in the Andes mountains, is the source of Arnica, which is an important remedy for bruises and for curing the after effects of trauma. It is also an essential first aid remedy. A person in this state feels a soreness of body and prefers to be left alone.
Baptisia tinctoria on the wild indigo is the source for Baptisia. It is a remedy for the very stick, in toxic and septic conditions. A person in this state is restless, incoherent and has a fear of food.

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