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Sports Medicines in Homeopathy
Homeopathy is recognized as the safest, quick responsive and less expensive form of treatment against all ailments and it is used by millions of people worldwide, spread over more than eighty countries mainly in Europe. It is also highly represented in South America (Brazil, Argentina), India, Pakistan and also has presence in South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Venezuela, Israel, Australia, etc. Year by year Homeopathy is spreading in more countries and cures more people.

Though, Homeopathy acts in all ages against all ailments and has quickest responsive medicines, its curative power as Sports Medicine is yet to be recognized, especially in India. It is a fact that many of the world renowned Sports personalities are the beneficiaries of the of Homeopathy Sports Medicines and the list includes David Beckham (English Football Superstar), Kate Schmidt (Two Time Olympic Javelin Medalist) Martina Navratilova (tennis), Boris Becker (tennis), Jose Maria Olazabel (golf), Kelly Slater (surfing), David Moncoutié (cyclist), Pat Riley (basketball coach, Miami Heat), Nancy Lopez (golf), Hermann Maier (skiing), Misty Hyman (swimming), Marie-Hélène Prémont (mountain biking), Elvis Stojko (figure skating), P.T. Usha ( Indian athlete, Asian gold medalist) and Arnie Kander (Strength and Conditioning Coach, NBA Detroit Pistons) etc.

Dr. Joris Paulose Umacheril, who is now researching and specializing in Homoeopathic sports medicine, says:
“Homeopathic remedies promote the body’s natural ability to heal and support optimum health, which in turn helps the athlete to achieve equilibrium of body, mind and enable speedy cure. Sports involves rhythmic movement and the physical condition of the body is most crucial and the mind and emotions are also in harmony for the best performance in peak of perfection”

Dr. Joris’s recent experience in injury management reveals that the combination of internal administration and external application gives surprising better results in many conditions like Sprains, Strains, Muscular cramps, stun bone Pains, Tennis elbow, Infra and supra patella bursitis, Sciatic, IVDP. Homeopathic medicines can be effectively used for on spot injuries as First Aid remedies and also for long- term injuries that avoid complications like stiffening of joints and enduring pain.
Many of the School/College authorities, Coaches are asking for Homoeopathy medicine kits with out knowing what is Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a system to treat not the diseased part or the sickness, rather the totality of the individual, the whole person. It is based on the fundamental principle “Law of Similars,” means “Simila Similibus Curentur!” Or “Like Cures Like!” and hence an experienced and qualified homeopath can only prescribe the right medicine and obtain desired results. Though there are hundreds of medicines in use for sports related illness, no body can ignore the importance of the following Homeopathy medicines like Arnica, Rhus tox, Hypericum, Ruta, Calendula, Synphytum off, Ledum, Sulphuric acid, Conium and so on.

Homeopathy is blessed with valuable, non toxic and non addictive medicines for boosting energy, which surprisingly help to enhance performance; concentration and perfection. Homeopathy has also a special place in the treatment of Anxiety and stress management. Many of the athletes suffers severe anxiety and tension even many days before starting the events, when they need great concentration of mind and perfection of body condition. Also in some sports men suffers fever, head ache, stomach upsets, flatulence just few hours before the event due to anxiety and that should be relieved at the earliest possible to perform well.

Note: Based on an interview with
Dr. Joris Paulose Umacheril,
Managing Partner,

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