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Any layman can use homoeopathic medicine with little Knowledge. No harm can come by taking a homoeopathic medicine if that is not suitable for the symptoms, as the body will not react to it. The most important thing to remember is that amongst 2000 medicines only the one that has evocked the exact conditions of the individual patient, will cure that patient. If the symptoms do not go away it is best not to keep experimenting but to consult a qualified Homoeopathic doctor.
It is recommended to use potency 30, 3-4 pills or 1droop, 3-4 times a day, if otherwise specified.

Cough is not a disease but it is a symptom of disease and there fore, never be neglected. There are many varieties of cough, but we here only give a list of remedies in most frequent use, adding the leading characteristic symptoms of each.

Aconitu - A dry, hard recent cough with restlessness.
Antimonium tart - It is to be used if the cough is loose and rattling with little or no phlegm and breathing is painful.
Belladona - Short, dry, sore throat with flushed face, head ache or congestion of the head.
Bryonia - Use when a cold has gone to the chest and turned in to a hard, dry cough with pain in the side.
Chamomilla - Cough of children during teething with wheezing.
Drosera - Use for a spasmodic cough after which you have a whooping sound or with vomiting. Cough after measles. Best remedy after Aconitum.
Ferrum phos - Is beneficial for a hard, dry cough (with a tickle).
Hepar Sulph - Irritating cough, hoarseness and smarting in throat with chronic Indigestion.
Rhus tox - Cough with fever or in the rainy season.
Nux vomica - Cough- morning spasmodically.

Sore Throat is a simple extension of the catarrhal affection, soreness, or swelling of throat, uncomplicated by ulceration or quinsy.

Belladona - Read throat feeling as it scraped raw, with pain on swallowing.
Mercurius - Sensation as of a lump in the throat , worse at night, some times accompanied by salivation.
Aconitum - Dryness, roughness, and heat in the throat , with a choking sensation, hoarseness and febrile disturbances. If given early, Acon. alone will prove rapidly curative in catarrhal sore throat.
Baryta Carb - If Bell. and Merc. are insufficient; and if the inflammation be confined to the tonsils.
Dulcamara - If from a wetting or from damp, foggy air. Lachesis - (200 or above )Chronic with much hawking, mucus sticks and cannot be forced up or down. Left sided, Hoarseness, Warm water makes the pain worse. Bad odor in the mouth.

Cold is usually commences with sneezing, watery eyes, and obstruction of one or both nostrils, with a discharge of thin, colorless fluid. If it be a severe cold, the forgoing symptoms are soon followed by a dry cough hoarseness, sore throat, dryness, tenderness, and swelling of nostrils pain and soreness of the limbs, general weakness, more or less fever, quick pulse, thirst loss of appetite, etc.

Aconitum - Commencement of the cold. Altered with or substituted by any of the following medicine.
Bryonia - “Cold on the chest” – with hard cough, shaking the head, etc
Gelseminum - Watery discharge from the nose Soreness in the throat and chest.
Arsenicum - Abundant discharge of thin, hot excoriating mucus from the nostrils, burning sensation, mid night aggravation and prostration.
Allium Cepa - Better in open air, violent spasmodic cough.
Pulsatilla - Impaired taste and smell, thick discharge ,aggravation of symptoms in the evening or in warm room.
Mercurius - Constant sneezing, thick mucus, profuse perspiration and aggravation evening.

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