Homoeo Remedies
Homoeopathic Prophylactics / Preventive Medicine
Prevention is better than cure
These preventives have been effective, and on monitoring, it has been observed that the group of people who have been administered these medicines, have been safe and healthy, indicating that the medicine has been effective for that period of time. The best part of these preventives is that there are no side effects or after effects and can easily be administered to children.

It was also observed that those who have been on these preventives, when exposed to a virulent organism, either escape the disease completely or succumb to it with a milder form of the disease and recovery is quick.

There are two aspects to it:
1. Complete prevention
2. Milder form of the infection.

This is mainly due to the low defense mechanism of the body. Therefore it is evident that Homoeopathic medicines are capable of activating the immune system of the body and strengthening it.

Against Name of medicine
Mumps Pilocarpinum / Parotidinum, Trifole-rep
Poliomyelitis Lathyrus Sat
Small pox Variolinum/ Vaccininum,Anti tart
Measles Malandrinum/ Morbilinum, Acon, Ars, Puls
Whopping cough Pertussin,Drossara
Influenza Influenzinum /Arsenic 3 night & morning
Diphtheria Diphtherinum , Apis30
Injury inflammation Ledum / Hypericum
Punctured wound Ledum
Cholera Arsenic, Cupr-ac, Veratrum alb
Pus- infection Arnica
Other medicines having prophylactic powers
  • Aconite prevents abortion from excitement or fright
  • Arnica prevents suppuration and septic condition
  • Baptisia against Typhus or typhoid
  • Berberis prevents the recurrence of boils
  • Calcaria sulph will abort felons and boils
  • Calendula tincture 1x diluted equal part of water prevent a wound from septic
  • Frgaria prevents the attacks of gout
  • Helonias Dioica prevents abortion that occur as the result of slightest over –exertion of irritating emotions.
  • Nux vomica 3, may prevent a cold if given early
  • Saponaria will often break-up a cold.
  • Silicea is a remedy to prevent boils
  • Glondrina renders body immune to influence of snake poison and thus a prophylactic

The highest expression of physical love that human being can enjoy is a satisfactory sex relationship. It is a proven fact that many domestic difficulties can be traced directly or indirectly to sexual disharmonies, and that the sex factor plays a leading role in marital satisfaction. For successful sex relation it is essential to insert the male organ in to the vaginal passage of the female, and of the reciprocal copulatory movements, which lead to the climax or orgasm. Under normal condition the penis is soft and flaccid, but during sexual excitement it should become firm, erect, and sufficiently rigid to penetrate in to vagina. The difficulty in achieving this activity and inability to hold firm erection till the climax or orgasm leads to unsatisfactory sex relationship.

Most cases of sexual difficulties are lack of normal sexual desire, either male or female, rather than to any deficiency of hormones. Emotional factors, including anxiety and worry, may bring on feeling of guilt and weakness, and this may interfere with normal sex life. It may be wise to talk this over with the family doctor or perhaps a psychiatrist or try the following medicines.

Lycopodium:- Impotence of young men due to ill effect sexual excess, premature emission, old men with strong desire but imperfect erection. Penis small, cold and relaxed. Lyco is one of the best medicines for impotency and a high single dose at an interval of a week or more will fetch good result.

Phosphorus:- The sexual desire remains after the ability to perform is gone. Adapted to tall slender persons.

Thuja:-Seminal emissions without dreams. Loss of confidence, afraid to marry for fear of impotency.

Selenium:- Erection slow, insufficient. On attempting coition penis relaxes. Semen thin, odourless, dribbling of semen during sleep.

Caladium-saguinum:- Organ seem larger, puffed and relaxed and cold Erection when half sleep, ceases when fully awake. Relaxation of penis during excitement. No emission, no orgasm during an embrace. Very sensitive to noise.

Agnus castus:- Debility due to excess sex with perversion. Has morning erections but no more.
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