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Natrum Sulphuricum
Sodium Sulphate is the source for Natrum Sulphuricum a tissue salt that helps remove toxins from the body. A person in this state is restless, discontented, even suicidal.
Nux vomica
Strychnos nux vomica or the poison – nut plant, is the source for Nux vomica. This remedy is useful for complaints from overeating, or from overwork. A person in this state is tense, irritative, anxious and bad tempered.
Bone ash is the source of phosphorous. It is a constitutional remedy for young people. Adolescents with exam strain or exam fever also find it useful. A person in this state is cooperative, but also easily exhausted, apathetic or irritable.
Phytolacca decandra or the American nightshade is the source for phytolacca. Frequently used for sore throats, this remedy is useful for various complaints. It is used for problems of the breasts, neck and throat and also for diphtheria and mumps. A person in this state is indifferent, gloomy and offensive.
Pulsatilla nigricans or the wind – flower, is the source for Pulsatilla, a remedy used for children and adolescents. It is especially useful for problem of the mucous membranes. A person in this state is gentle and mild, desiring attention.


Rhus tox
Poison Ivy is the source for Rhus toxicodendron. It is useful for fevers accompanied with chills and for joints, ligaments and tender skin.
Smilax officinalis is the source for the remedy Sarsaparilla, particularly used in problems of the genital-urinary tract. Known as a blood purifier, it is used to clean the skin.
Silcon dioxide is the source for Silica that aids in the expulsion of foreign objects form the body. It is useful for problems in the digestive system. A person in this state is tired, lacks confidence, but is self-willed.
Sulphur is the source for sulphur, a remedy used in many conditions by homoeopaths. It is useful for draining out deep-seated toxins. A person in this state is selfish, self-centered and vain.
Spigelia anthelmia or pink root is the source for spigelia. This remedy is useful for problems of the brain, spinal cord and the heart. A person in this state is hypersensitive and intolerant.
Delphinium Staphysagria is the source for staphysagria, a useful remedy for head lice, and for pains in clean-cut surgical wounds. It is widely used for ‘honeymoon cystitis’. The Staphysagria personality is yielding and mild on the surface.
Symphytum officinalis or comfrey is the source for Symphytum. It helps heal broken or damaged bony tissue. It is also a first aid remedy, and is used for eye injuries and external swelling.

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