Homoeo Remedies
Homeopathic Medicines
Impotence of young men due to ill effect sexual excess, premature emission, old men with strong desire but imperfect erection. Penis small, cold and relaxed. Lyco is one of the best medicines for impotency and a high single dose at an interval of a week or more will fetch good result.

The sexual desire remains after the ability to perform is gone. Adapted to tall slender persons.

Seminal emissions without dreams. Loss of confidence, afraid to marry for fear of impotency.

Erection slow, insufficient. on attempting coition penis relaxes. Semen thin, odourless, dribbling of semen during sleep.

Organ seem larger, puffed and relaxed and cold Erection when half sleep, ceases when fully awake. Relaxation of penis during excitement. No emission, no orgasm during an embrace. Very sensitive to noise.

Agnus castus
Debility due to excess sex with perversion. Has morning erections but no more.

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